Bulk Plain Hoodies are not kept in stock by the Hoodie Factory but are kept in stock by Factories we sometimes outsource for bulk orders that need to be delivered in a relative short period of time. In most cases we can manufacture bulk Hoodies if given sufficient notice. Sometimes bulk printed hoodies are bought in from other factories who do keep Bulk Plain Hoodies in stock. We do offer branding services on bulk plain hoodies such as embroidery and screen printing or you could arrange for your own branding of the Hoodies.

In general the most popular colors for bulk Hoodies which are kept in stock are White, Navy, Melange and Black. Bulk Hoodie quantities available on the specific day may vary considerably due to the nature of Bulk Hoodie ordering.

Here is the type of Hoodie design available currently :

Picture above: Sample of bulk plain black Hoodie in stock

Picture above : Sample of White Hoodie in stock

Sample of Bulk Navy Hoodie in stock

Above three examples and other bulk Hoodies currently in stock is 260gm and the material is 100% Brushed Cotton fleece.

These Hoodies are Unisex Hoodies and come in sizes from XS to 3XL.

We can assist branding these Bulk ordered Hoodies via Embroidery or Screen Printing.

We also have Bulk Kiddies Hoodies available